Butt Plugs for Men
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Butt Plugs for Men
When you talk about sex with other men, you can't even mention about butt plugs without being suspected of being gay. More than this, I observed that, as a man, is more cozy to talk about butt plugs with women than with other men maybe they wish to or already are using butt plugs, but overall they are more tolerable than men on this subject.
In this article:
- facts
- anatomy: the pudendal nerve
- a bit of psychology
- history in brief
- butt plugs
- my experience and habits
When people hear about butt plugs, they immediately think to those used by women. And if you specify you mean butt plugs for men, they think you talk about items for gay, because most of people think straight men don't ever use such damned tools as long they are already having sex with women. Unlike men, women are too little interested in this matter, maybe most when it is about their husbands. On the other side, those straight men who are using butt plugs, casually or regularly, prefer to keep this fact for themselves and their spouses.
Anatomy: the pudendal nerve
The pudendal nerve is the main nerve of the perineum, being responsible with urination, defecation, arousal, erection and sexual pleasure. It starts from the base of the spine branching toward rectum, testicles and penis till the tip of it's head. For women, it goes to the anus, vagina, labias and clit ...

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